Name: Dolly

Age: 10 years old - Born: 2012

Colour: Skewbald

Jenny Donkey

Likes: Food

Dislikes: Having the head collar put on her as don't like her ears been touched

Story Time: When Dolly first arrived 3 years go she was very scared of everything from loud sounds or men wearing yellow work coats but now she is a lot better with standing by her and putting her headcollar on with trimming the hoofs for example. The only thing you need to be careful of is when Dolly is eating as she can kick out without no notice not being nasty is that she likes her food very much and does not like sharing with the other donkeys

Dolly watching the world go by

(photo by Miss C. Roberts)

Dolly first day of work - September 2020

(photo by Miss C. Roberts)