Name: Sooty

Age: 20 years old - Born: 2002

Colour: Black

Jenny Donkey

Story Time: When on the beach Sooty likes standing by the pirate ship. When she is giving a donkey rides she will do her own thing like walking the long way round and go up to Dogs.

On Monday 24th October 2016 October Half Term school holidays the donkeys just finished work and was leaving the beach by going up the steps to the promenade where the donkey trailer was waiting to take them home

Sooty heard someone open a paper bag with donuts well what happens next makes me laugh - She grab the bag from the ladies hand and then when we go and load her up into the trailer after getting her to let go of the bag she would not go in. We tried with extra people, with a lunge line around her bum and a bucket of feed nothing would work. Took her back to the beach whist the other donkeys went home when the trailer got back down on the beach and the ramp was lowered Sooty walked straight back in. The lesson learned from this is 'Make sure no-one has any food whilst the donkeys go home'.

Her mum was called Dilly (see past donkeys)

Sooty two days old

(photo by Miss C. Roberts)

Sooty enjoying the sun - March 2020

(photo by Miss C. Roberts)